Marelize Fick
076 683 0821

Marelize Fick - Registered Social worker with the South African Council for Social Services Professions (SACSSP).

My decision to become a Social worker was triggered in Grade 9 during a visit to a school for disabled children. Ever since, my passion to work with children has grown, helping them to better their circumstances, ensuring their safety, both physically and emotionally.

I studied at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained my BA degree in Social work in 1999. 

After completing my studies, I've worked in England for two years within the family and childcare sector. Came back to South Africa and started to practice as a Social worker in the NGO sector with 15 years working experience within the field of children and families.

In 2012 I've furthered my studies in play therapy, socio-emotional assessment of  children and interactional analysis of family dynamics. This has triggered a new interest in the emotional wellbeing of children and the family the child belongs to. Children often struggle to talk about their feelings or emotions, which usually manifest in their behaviour. The techniques used to help children, are conducted in a child friendly, playfull manner, resulting in positive feedback from the child. In this way, children are helped to talk about their feelings, and solutions can be found for difficult behavioural patterns in children.

I've founded my own practice in 2013, driven by a passion for the emotional wellbeing of children and the awareness of the limited resources available for more specialised interventions/help for children with emotional problems in the Overberg, 

Family Wellbeing Practise is located in Napier, but my services cover the whole Overberg.

My Practise is registered with the Board of Health Funders (BHF). Parents can claim from their medical aid funds when visiting my office for child consultations or counselling.